AMSA Advocates: Crossing Borders for Health


Welcome to AMSA Advocates: Crossing Borders for Health. We thank you for your time and effort in what is an undoubtedly busy course.

Note that this course is pre-reading for attending your in-person workshops.

We will go through:

Module 1: Terminology, timeline of events, common myths, international obligations

Module 2: Physical and mental health impacts of detention

Module 3: Understanding solutions and political party policy

Module 4: Advocacy 

Before we start, it’s highly important to think about personal stories of refugees, to give some context to the differences in journeys and experiences of refugees.

Please read the following article by medical student Emmanuel Ndayisaba, Global Health Conference Plenary Speaker. Culture and Health: Reflections from a Rwandan Refugee and Australian Medical Student. Vol 10, July 2015.  Link here: [page 4] or alternatively it is in a blog post on the AMSA Global Health Website here

A huge thank you to all the students and medical practitioners who have contributed to the creation of this course.